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Every day WILL suck if you give in... 

You're not going to get this day, or any day back.  If you dwell on the fact that "today sucks.." your day will be lost, without anything to show for it.  OUR GOAL?  Simple.  With a joke, funny picture or text, a trivia fact, sudoku or word find puzzles, we want to get your mind off of your day, for one minute.  A joke, or funny Hot Dog Picture (left), may be all you need to pull your day back in.  We hope we can help. 

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get over your day... and Find the humor


There's Lots of Inspiration out there


and inspire.


for one minute.


and Learn new.

We don't Just have Jokes...

Bill Murray, Director

"Life can flat out suck. 'Cap City Monthly' was created to make your day better even for a moment.  Our goal is simple... to get you to smile... just to make it better, even for a moment."

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